32oz Spray Bottle (Case of 3)

Natural Green Grass Patch is the instant cure for unpleasant brown spots and discoloration that exists on nearly every lawn. Whatever the cause (pet urine, disease, lack of water, insects, etc.) Natural Green Grass Patch is a guaranteed fix. Just spray it on and instantly turn any spot beautifully green again while blending perfectly with the rest of your natural grass. Unlike other products, Natural Green Grass Patch won't fade or wash away. The grass is always greener with Natural Green Grass Patch. PERFECT FOR BROWN SPOTS LEFT ON THE LAWN FROM DOG URINE! These 32oz bottles are pre-diluted and ready to use. Shake well before use. Save your bottles and order our 3oz refills on your next order. 

32oz Spray Bottle      (Case of 3)
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