Remote Trigger Sprayer For 1 Gallon Ready-To-Use

This is designed to use with our 1 gallon Ready-to-use Grass Patch. Follow instructions on packaging for operating use. Use the dispersed spray for best coverage. This remote trigger sprayer provides the power and durability of an industrial quality sprayer. This workhouse remote trigger sprayer is perfect for large spraying jobs, and the fully adjustable nozzle allows you to choose how to apply the Grass Patch, from a widely dispersed spray to a concentrated stream. The 36” dip tube gives you the flexibility to get the remote trigger sprayer head close to the job while holding the jug in your other hand. The extra long trigger on the remote trigger sprayer is ergonomically designed to help reduce fatigue from prolonged use. • Output: 1.0 cc per stroke • Neck finish with remote tubing: 38/400 • Fully adjustable nozzle • Color: All white

Remote Trigger Sprayer For 1 Gallon Ready-To-Use
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