The New "How To" DVD (Free Shipping)

"How to" video.. A must Have! The Grass Patch is a proud distributor of the all new grass painting 101 video! Exclusive introductory price! Shipping included - anywhere in the world. 1 Hour and 7 minutes of amazing real life footage showing and teaching you everything you NEED to know to get a strong foothold on the market your in, before someone else does! What is grass painting? Why is there a demand for grass painting? Who can use grass painting? Can I make money doing this? *Equipment Demos *Product usage/dilution mixing ratios *Pricing.. breaks down pricing for any application *Marketing.. shows how to effectively market your services *Door knocking.. Lose your fear, see ways to approach homeowners *Live interviews *And much, much more.. This is one video you will be dying to share with your friends, but only if they live in another state! Once word gets out in your area, if it hasn't already, you WILL see someone else doing this VERY SOON! Many people pass up on new ideas and kick themselves in the butt once someone else latches onto their idea and makes TONS of money! Don't let this happen again. We have spent weeks and months collecting knowledge, tips, and tricks from grass painting experts from around the world, this video will save you thousands of dollars by avoiding common mistakes and getting off to the best start possible. This OPPORTUNITY is REAL!! If you think this is a waste of time, then wait a few months and you be driving down the road and.. you will see it being done. It is spreading around the country and world like WILDFIRE! We interviewed a grass painting contractor who was painting a grass area at a business on the side of a busy street, and by the time he was finished he had an audience of 100+ people, including 2 TV news stations. 1 minute after it aired on the evening news his phone was ringing off the hook! He would be on the phone, and the other line would be beeping.. it took him a long time to get back to all the missed calls and phone messages! Needless to say, he had grass painting jobs scheduled out for over a month!! This could be you.. why wait? Being a mother of 3 small children and without a job.... you figure. My husband is really excited about this opportunity to regain our finances back. Your dvd was a true blessing! May the Lord bless your richly! Desiree

The New "How To" DVD (Free Shipping)
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